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Model: qk1er1codda5475
Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaThe Coil Master K Bag is the ideal solution for safely transporting your vape kits, e-liquid and atomisers. Well protected and featuring a discreet design, it won't look out of place wherever you take it. Featuring a padded hardshell exterior and a secure zip faste..
Ex Tax:$13.99
Model: le11aafnk1a6628
Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaThe Coil Master Mini K Bag is the solution for carrying your everyday vaping products. Small and organised, it helps keep your kits and e-liquid safe and will fit into rucksacks and bags with ease. Featuring a discreet design and solid construction it won't look ou..
Ex Tax:$8.99
Model: eaxvfzjrigq5208
Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaWidth::18cm (7.1")Depth::6.0cm (2.4")Length::28cm (11.0")The Coil Master V Bag is made for vapers on the go, giving you plenty of space for Vape Mods, Coils, Vape Batteries, Eliquid; it can fit in a suprising amount with its fitted stretchy fabric bands.Measuring i..
Ex Tax:$24.99
Model: s5fuwxmv33l5015
Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaThe Smok Fetch Mini case is a fashionable accessory that's ideal for keeping the Smok Fetch Mini vape kit secure. Made from leather, it will protect the device from everyday knocks and scratches. If you find you are prone to misplacing your vaping kit, each case co..
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Model: xrphd4z35zb3837
Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaWeight::157gHeight::6.5cm (2.6")Width::1.1cm (0.4")Length::17cm (6.7") Back In Stock Email ReminderThis product is temporarily out of stock.To receive an email as soon as this item becomes available simply enter your email address below.Email AddressPlease Submit a..
Ex Tax:$7.99
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