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Model: oaky3xznl034222
Eliquid Flavours:Lychee, Mango, PapayaMade In:CanadaArea 51 e-liquid by Decoded in a tropical fruit medley packed with sweetness and depth. The ripe and juicy notes of mango and fresh lychee are followed by a sweet yet subtle papaya flavour for a layered vape.Area 51 e-liquid is available with nicot..
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Model: voodh2vs0vr5646
Eliquid Flavours:Blueberry, Guava, PineappleMade In:CanadaAtlantis eliquid is packed with tropical flavours; on inhale, a prominent pineapple flavour is present throughout, which is complemented by notes of blueberry that are ripe and sweet in equal parts, finished off with a juicy guava on the exha..
Ex Tax:$17.90
Model: qyh2i5uifb45549
Eliquid Flavours:Donuts, SugarMade In:UKBig Foot e-liquid by Decoded is a dessert blend containing an overall sweet taste. The baked, rich taste of doughnut provides the base of the flavour, dusted with a glazed icing sugar for a distinct, decadent e-liquid.Big Foot e-liquid is available with nicoti..
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Model: 3o42czdz22a3960
Eliquid Flavours:Cream, Peach, YogurtMade In:CanadaLoch Ness e-liquid by Decoded is a fruit blend providing a distinct, breakfast feel. A smooth base of light cream and sweet yoghurt is complemented by the addition of ripe-tasting peach for a rich flavour.Loch Ness e-liquid is available with nicotin..
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Model: oqypsnac4fp5547
Eliquid Flavours:Citrus, Cucumber, StrawberryMade In:CanadaRongorongo e-liquid by Decoded is a summer fruit medley noted for its sharp yet sweet notes. A ripe-tasting strawberry on inhale is undercut by a light yet fragrant cucumber before a zesty hint of citrus tops things off.Rongorongo e-liquid i..
Ex Tax:$11.99
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