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Model: m3ult1zpea22904
Eliquid Flavours:Citrus, Lemon, SugarMade In:USAMr Meringue flavour concentrate by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a creamy dessert blend with a zesty layer. A sugary yet smooth meringue base is fused with a zingy lemon curd for a balanced flavour.These concentrates allow you to mix your own e-liquid when u..
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Model: qmimwgl31l32292
Eliquid Flavours:Lemon, SugarMade In:USAMr Meringue shortfill e-liquid by Mr Meringue is a sweet dessert blend with a citrus twist. The buttery meringue taste provides the base of this vape, with a zesty lemon curd creating a fusion of sweet and sharp notes.Mr Meringue is available as a 50ml shortfi..
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Model: vfbrdebzrhq4831
Eliquid Flavours:Strawberry, SugarMade In:USAMs Meringue shortfill e-liquid by Mr Meringue is a sweet pastry blend with a hint of garden fruit. A creamy, buttery meringue provides a sugary base complemented by a ripe-tasting strawberry for a distinct vape.Ms Meringue is available as a 50ml shortfill..
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Model: frrorfgjmu26680
Eliquid Flavours:Sherbet, Sweets / CandyMade In:UKUncle Meringue shortfill e-liquid by Mr Meringue is a bakery blend of intense sweetness. The creamy meringue base is combined with a sugary rainbow sherbet taste for a distinct, bold vape.Uncle Meringue is available as a 50ml shortfill with space for..
Ex Tax:$12.99
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