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Model: boljakj2ual564
Made In:UKQuick Nic Cool Ice shots are 10ml nicotine boosters with added menthol. Designed to be added to shortfill eliquids, this 70% VG shot will not only increase nicotine content, but it also adds a cool taste to your eliquids - perfect for partnering with fruit blends.Featuring an 18mg nicotine..
Ex Tax:$1.49
Model: 3dzllwvebap952
Made In:UKQuick Nic booster shots are 10ml nic shots that have been designed for use with shortfill eliquids. Featuring a 70% VG concentration, it has been created with high-quality nicotine, ensuring this shot will have no impact on your eliquid's flavour.Featuring an 18mg nicotine concentration, a..
Ex Tax:$1.49
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