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Model: gus1x525kyo5280
Eliquid Flavours:Guava, Mango, PineappleMade In:UKTropical Fruits nicotine salt e-liquid by SALTYV is a tropical fruit medley featuring contrasting flavours. A combination of sharp pineapple, light guava and sweet mango produces a layered eliquid.Tropical Fruits is a 50% VG e-liquid, ideal for deep ..
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Model: gkkfc1qtyhh5876
Eliquid Flavours:Blackcurrant, Lime, RaspberryMade In:UKWimto nicotine salt e-liquid by SALTYV is a berry fruit blend with a citrus twist. The dark blackcurrant flavour delivers a rich inhale, complemented by a zesty lime and sweet raspberry on exhale for a complex flavour.Wimto is a 50% VG e-liquid..
Ex Tax:$3.99
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