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Model: rj12fuickr33469
Battery Capacity:1000mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.6ohm, 1.0ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattagePod Kit Type:Re-FillableTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Replacement CoilsWeight::75gHeight::9.6cm (3.8")Width::3.5cm (1.4")Depth::1.9cm (0.7")The Aspire Breeze 2 vape starter kit is an ..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: zykq2rmyb2h6409
Battery Size:18650 & 21700Battery Type:Single 18650, Single 21700Coil Resistance:0.18ohm, 0.3ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2ml Email Alert!This product is coming soon.To receive an email as soon as this item becomes available simply enter your email address below.Email AddressPlease S..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: 4kjhjc4uf5r3844
Battery Capacity:900mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.6ohm, 1.8ohmCoil Types:Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC)Made In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlWeight::15gHeight::13cm (5.1")Width::2.6cm (1.0")The Aspire K Lite vape kit is compact and simple to use, recommended for new users and first-time switchers...
Ex Tax:$23.99
Model: dzbz45kjxha3496
Battery Capacity:1000mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.6ohm, 1.8ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Variable WattageTank Capacity:1.9mlTank Features:Adjustable Airflow, Pyrex Glass, Replacement Coils, Top FillWeight::143gHeight::8.2cm (3.2")Width::3.9cm (1.5")Depth::2.1cm (0.8")The Aspire K1 Stea..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: ui5the5zs204636
Battery Capacity:800mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.6ohmCoil Types:Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC)Made In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattageTank Capacity:1.8mlHeight::16cm (6.3")Diameter::1.3cm (0.5")The Aspire K2 vape kit is an ideal starter kit that is simple and reliable, recommended for begi..
Ex Tax:$26.99
Model: gia32jfj4g51510
Battery Capacity:1200mAhCoil Resistance:1.8ohmMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Adjustable Airflow, Pyrex Glass, Replacement CoilsWeight::12gHeight::13cm (5.2")Width::1.7cm (0.7")Diameter::1.8cm (0.7")The Aspire K3 vape starter kit is simple to use and offers an ideal introduction to vapin..
Ex Tax:$28.99
Model: apdjiwsusoi4993
Battery Size:18650Battery Type:Single 18650Coil Resistance:0.4ohm, 0.7ohm, 1.2ohm, 1.8ohmMade In:ChinaMax Wattage:80WTank Capacity:2mlWeight::110gHeight::3.8cm (1.5")Width::5.1cm (2.0")Depth::2.4cm (0.9")The Aspire Mulus vape kit is a versatile pod kit that is recommended to users of all experience ..
Ex Tax:$47.99
Model: 40nti3xcxfe3542
Battery Capacity:1000mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.8ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattagePod Kit Type:Re-FillableTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Fixed Airflow, Replacement CoilsWeight::52gHeight::8.7cm (3.4")Width::3.7cm (1.5")Depth::2.1cm (0.8")The Aspire Nautilus AIO vape kit is ..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: anz5ygpnhio2510
Battery Size:18650Battery Type:Single 18650Coil Resistance:0.7ohm, 1.6ohmMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlThe Aspire Nautilus GT vape kit combines the Aspire Glint vape device and the 2ml Nautilus GT tank. Compatible with a single 18650 vape battery (sold separately) this kit can be used for mouth to l..
Ex Tax:$59.95
Model: anmtzzfi4xc463
Battery Capacity:1500mAhCoil Resistance:0.6ohmMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Pyrex Glass, Replacement Coils, Replacement PartsWeight::87gHeight::12cm (4.9")Diameter::2.0cm (0.8")The Aspire PockeX vape kit is an AIO (All In One) kit known for being one of the most popular starter kits wo..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: wqp2lxxrx0b2240
Battery Capacity:1600mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.4ohm, 1.2ohmMade In:ChinaMax Wattage:16WMin Wattage:8WMod Features:Bypass, Variable WattageTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Adjustable Airflow, Top FillWeight::156gHeight::12cm (4.5")Width::3.2cm (1.3")Depth::3.0cm (1.2")The Aspire Reax ..
Ex Tax:$34.99
Model: isnrpgxwybv2815
Battery Capacity:2200mAhCoil Resistance:0.7ohm, 1.8ohmMade In:ChinaMax Wattage:40WMod Features:Bypass, Variable WattageTank Capacity:2mlThe Aspire Rover 2 vape kit is a lightweight vape kit that we recommend for intermediate to advanced vapers. It offers a good opportunity for newer vapers to try a ..
Ex Tax:$49.99
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