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Model: 52uoqcdkhud6004
Coil Resistance:0.25ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaPack Size:5 PackWire:KanthalThe Wismec Kestrel Mesh Heaters have been designed for use with the Kestrel RDTA and Luxotic Surface Kit only. Working similarly to standard vape coils these wide thin plates are able to heat a greater amount of eliquid a..
Ex Tax:$9.99
Model: dfmxnyeaomm5133
Coil Resistance:0.15ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:5 PackThe Wismec WL01 vape coil has been designed for use with the Wismec Column Tank and kits such as the Wismec Tinker 300W Kit. Created for direct to lung vaping, it features a 0.15 Ohm resistance.Features:Sub ohm coilMesh coil buildCompatible with hi..
Ex Tax:$14.99
Model: 5kzqgzpi30f6218
Coil Resistance:0.6ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaPack Size:5 PackThe Wismec WR01 replacement coils are compatible with the Wismec Preva removable coil pods only. This coil can be used for direct to lung vaping and works best with high VG e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher.Features:Wismec Sub Ohm C..
Ex Tax:$14.99
Model: bzxe0wze3ou4000
Coil Resistance:0.2ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:5 PackThe Wismec WS04 MTL vape coils have been designed for use with the wismec Amor NS Tank and the Wismec Active Kit. Designed for mouth to lung vaping, they have a 1.3 Ohm resistance, that allows for a restricted inhale.The Wismec WS03 coil has been de..
Ex Tax:$7.99
Model: zmemek1w31w4392
Coil Resistance:0.25ohmCoil Types:Triple CoilMade In:ChinaPack Size:5 PackThe Wismec WS02 NS Triple coils are compatible with a range of wismec tanks, including the Amor NS Plus, Amor NS, ELABO SW, ELABO Mini, ELABO, Reux Mini and Amor Mini.Features:Wismec sub ohm coilCompatible with high VG e-liqui..
Ex Tax:$7.99
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